New Blog Address

Prompted by a recent comment about the adverts attached to this blog I’ve decided to upgrade my plan at WordPress from the ‘free’ (with ads) to ‘personal’ (without ads). I’m fully aware that adverts on websites can completely ruin reading, so they have been banished. :O) You may need to update bookmarks to the new address of to feel the benefit!

4 thoughts on “New Blog Address

    1. Yes, your comment made me think twice about the blog, and how invasive adverts can be. Some sites I just don’t bother with any more because the ads overwhelm the content. Why would I want that getting in the way of people following my build? (You owe me a bottle of single malt – pay up or the ads come back, but much worse! ;O) )


      1. Surely you owe me for liberating you from ‘the man’s’ stranglehold. You’re free again.

        I prefer Talisker, Lagavulin at a push. 🙂


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