Rear Suspension

Here’s some work on the elements of the rear suspension, starting with the brake cooling intakes. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – in 1/12 scale even single components are models in themselves. Here we have resin for the area that mates to the hub bearer, up to just below the ‘neck’ which is white metal. There’s a photo etch part inside the intake which, on the real car, I think, divides the airflow to provide two seperate ‘streams’ to the disk and the caliper itself. I added two fasteners that are apparent on reference photos. The lower part is covered in carbon fibre decals, although from reference photos it’s not clear whether they are CF or glass fibre material. The intakes themselves were painted with Tamiya XF-69 NATO Black then washed with thinned black oil paint, which I think gives black parts a bit of extra depth. Taking some techniques from working in smaller scales I added some shadow around the joins of the intake to the main part, and some subtle highlights and a bit of grime with MIG Oilbrusher ‘Starship Filth’.

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