A test of a technique to simulate black anodising

I once read that an essential part of modelling is to remember that sometimes it’s better to simulate rather than replicate. To that end I’ve tried an idea to simulate black anodising on the shoulder strap anchors. Have a look on the Cockpit page. EDIT – A correspondent has pointed out that the FIA mandatedContinue reading “A test of a technique to simulate black anodising”

Decals, decals, decals – all carbon fibre

Tamiya carbon fibre decal sheets are slightly smaller than A5 size. I’m not stingy, but I do like value for money, so I’m very happy to reduce one sheet to these scraps. I got another two small ones out of these after the photo was taken. I’m hoping the decalling of the cockpit and footbooxContinue reading “Decals, decals, decals – all carbon fibre”