An update to the Cockpit page and different approach to modelling

There’s an update to the cockpit page, showing the dash finished and progress on the coaming.

Building this model has also refreshed my approach to modelling, with much more time spent on preparation and getting to know the parts before construction. It’s such a complex kit, with so much more detail than the scales I’m used to it’s vital to approach it differently to ensure as good a result as possible. Before even starting to build it was necessary to sort the metal parts in to categories.

I’ve also found it useful to have some ‘scratch’ areas in another box for those parts that have 30 or 40 copies, and one for the parts needed for the current stage of construction.

It’s a more methodical approach than my usual. Let’s face it, if I lose one of these parts I am in real trouble! Normally as a build progresses the bench becomes more and more cluttered until a good tidy up as each model is completed. Now my bench is tidied and cleared at the end of every modeling session, and it’s a revelation that there’s so much space to be made use of!

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