I’m getting on for a third of the way through my ‘no kit buying year’ as the deal I’ve struck to buy the MFH Sauber C9 in September. It’s in stock at, and I’ve already started building the references I’ll need. (There’s nothing in the deal that precludes getting my references ready!) To that end this book arrived yesterday, packed full of photos of just about every component of the car. I’m really looking forward to this kit! (The cover design is absolutely superb.)

A test of a technique to simulate black anodising

I once read that an essential part of modelling is to remember that sometimes it’s better to simulate rather than replicate. To that end I’ve tried an idea to simulate black anodising on the shoulder strap anchors. Have a look on the Cockpit page.

EDIT – A correspondent has pointed out that the FIA mandated steel mountings for the seat straps, so these would probably have been painted a satin black. Thanks Duncan! (It was a good idea though…)