This page is dedicated to my build of the Model Factory Hiro 1/12 Mazda 787B. Here you can follow the process and find out why this iconic car passed in to ‘Le Mans Legend.’ Please sign up to receive notifications of new content, and feel free to leave comments.

Johnnie Herbert demonstrates the Mazda 787B at the 2011 edition of Le Vingt Quatre Heures du Mans, celebrating 20 years since the marque’s victory in 1991.

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  1. Hi Gareth. Following this from Vancouver, Canada. We seem to be kindred spirits. I have been building plastic since I was a kid. Automotive guy trying to branch to military subjects. I spend my other spare cash going to races. Been to Lemans three times, 2017 my last. Next year again, maybe, along with N24. Loving your 787 build. I have the Tamiya 1/24 on the shelf. I have my own ref photos of the car taken at Lemans in 2011. Won’t soon forget JH on the demo laps.
    Wayne Scott


  2. Hi Gareth, I am getting closer to me own buildd of this amazing kit. As of today I FINISHED my MFH Ferrari 250 GTO! Only took 8 months. Please come see WIP photos (and some coming soon of the finished build) on my blog – https://jasonsmazda787b.home.blog/
    I have also published all my annotated instructions, paint colours, parts database, LED lighting design, etc for my planned 787B build. This stuff may be of interest.
    Best of luck with your build!

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  3. Hi Jason, thanks for leaving a comment. Your Ferari looks superb. I look forward to seeing your 787 progress. I thought I was being methodical in sorting my kit in to trays for each stage, but your preparation is another level! Thanks also for the link on your page. Enoy your build!

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  4. Hi Gareth, since I will have to do the model too, you could still replicate the template for the carbon (of course paying carbon sheets and work) which is so much work to do that it hurts me to think about it. thank you


    1. Hello Daniele, I could send you the files to cut your own if you have a plotter / cutter. If not I could try making a custom cut from one sheet, but it would be lots of work and a long way down the line.


      1. let’s try the file. it will mean that I will cut them out by hand that I am so used to. I leave you my email: danyfocus @ tim., it
        thank you so much


  5. Hi Gareth.
    Your work is fantastic.
    The front hood looks so real. I can hardly believe it! Your whetering technique is amazing. It’s going to be a great model. You make me quit all my current projects and start with the Mazda. I look forward to further progress and enjoy the pictures. Thanks for sharing your work.


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